School Costs

Kadimah is a state integrated school.  It receives funding from the Government for staffing and operations to the level of state schools.  However, to ensure that an enhanced range and high quality of education and resources can continue to be provided for our children, it is important that parents contribute where they can to the school.

Attendance Dues – $575 per year

Attendance Dues are compulsory under the terms of the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975 and are determined, from time to time, by the Proprietor and approved by the Minister of Education. Attendance Dues are payable to the Goldwater Trust Board which is the Proprietor of Kadimah School and are used to maintain the school buildings to an acceptable standard.   The Attendance Dues are not tax deductible and are due in Term 1 of each year.

Parent Contributions – $1,500 per year

Govt Grant

A parent contribution of $1,500 per child is requested. To try and make it as simple as possible for parents to pay, we will accommodate a variety of payment structures, as per the following table:

Payment Frequency Number of Payments Amount
Lump sum 1 $1,500
Each term 4 $375
Monthly (Feb-Nov) 10 $150
Weekly (Feb-Nov) 30 $50

Parent contributions are tax deductible voluntary donations and are GST exclusive.

For any fees enquiries call our Finance Manager on 09 373 3072 or email accountsks@kadimah.school.nz