We believe in providing a programme that is challenging, engages children in investigation, values children’s play, exploration and the influence of respectful and reciprocal relationships. Our programme is comprised of the following factors:

  • Providing an appropriate Jewish education.
  • Developing and implementing a programme based on the principles, goals and learning outcomes articulated in ‘Te Whariki’; and other innovations that exemplify good practice in ECE.
  • Providing experiences that support children during their transition year before beginning school. There is recognition of the objectives set out in the early levels of the National Curriculum for schools to ensure children have a successful transition into formal schooling

Our daily routines and weekly timetable have a balance between structured times and uninterrupted periods for children to initiate their own activities and play. Children are encouraged to explore there own interests and the teaching team works collaboratively to identify each child’s interests and strengths along with planning experiences and activities to extend and challenge them.