After School Care Guidelines

Welcome from Louise Canning – After School Care teacher

Welcome to Kadimah’s After School Care (ASC).  The programme was established as a response to the school’s needs for a quality and convenient after school supervision option.  ASC is run under the auspices of Kadimah School.  The school’s policies and procedures which apply during school hours also apply in the ASC programme.

We provide a safe, varied and stimulating environment that meets the needs of children from Preschool to Year 8.  We have a lovely relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and the children have many activities to keep them busy.  We supervise homework and the children participate in activities such as arts and craft, group games, individual play and have the option for quiet rest and reading also.

Please direct all enquiries to:

Louise Canning
Phone: 373 3072 ext 301
Mobile: 021 084 38526

Please note that during the normal school day Louise is teaching so she is not able to answer the phone, or respond to emails.  Please bear this in mind when making contact for urgent or time-bound matters.

Below is some useful information in regards to Kadimah ASC.  Please read carefully should you intend to send your child/ren to ASC on a regular or ad hoc basis.

Booking your child/ren into After School Care:

For ongoing care, as much notice as possible is needed in order to book your child into After School Care (ASC).  We recognise that each parent has different requirements for their child/ren with respect to attending ASC so please email Louise at to book.  For ad hoc care, please note that there are limited places in ASC so the earlier you book the better.

Location of After School Care:

Children who are going to ASC must go straight to Room 2 (Mrs Canning’s Year 1 classroom) immediately school finishes.  The children will remain either in Room 2 for the entire time or will be chaperoned to the Parisian play area (dependent on weather).

Hours of ASC:

The official hours are 3pm until 5.30pm.  Should a child still be at ASC after 5.30pm the parent/s will be charged a further $7.50 per 15 minutes.  If you are going to be late, please text Louise to let her know.

The number of children in ASC:

The maximum number of children that can be in ASC at any one time is 20.  Please ensure you book your child in as early as possible to ensure a place.


Children will be in sight of an adult at all times and capable of being gathered together quickly in case of emergency.  A child wishing to go to the toilet must tell a member of staff first.


A child who becomes unwell while at ASC will be removed from the general area of play and we will contact you immediately.

Allergies and Medication:

Please advise Louise of your child/ren’s allergies and medication if they have any.

Routine of the children in ASC:

The children come into the classroom in an orderly manner and put their belongings in a line at the side and front of the class.  There is free play until 3.15pm. They then eat a snack that has been provided from their home and homework is done from 3.30 to 4.50pm.  If members of the senior school have left their homework at home, they read.  No homework is done on a Friday.  Should the weather permit the children will have some free time in the Parisian play area with a chaperone.

Rules around children leaving the room and/or going to the toilet:

The Year 1 bathrooms (regular size toilets) are used by all the children and are located just below the ASC room.  Younger children are always accompanied by a senior child.  Children do not leave the room unless they go to the bathroom or another teacher asks for assistance.

Accepted behaviour within ASC:

There is a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere at ASC.  The children are allowed to play after homework has been done.  Self-respect, as well as respect for their peers, the teacher/s, and the equipment is expected.

Food guidelines:

Due to ASC being within Kadimah School the same food guidelines for the school apply to ASC.  This means that ASC is a vegetarian site.  Please ensure that no meat, chicken or meat/chicken flavoured products are included in lunch boxes.  We do not allow children to share food.  If your children are in ASC please ensure they are provided with a snack for this time.  There will be no snacks provided by ASC.

Rules around tidying up after themselves:

As children finish activities and no other child is playing with the equipment it is packed away. The children are instructed to start tidying up at 4.45pm and everybody helps each other.  The class is tidy by 5pm.  The few who are still at ASC do one activity or read.


ASC costs $7.50 per hour.  There is a minimum one hour ($7.50) charge and thereafter costs are based on half-hour increments.  Fees are charged for the days your child is booked into the programme, regardless of whether they attend.

Payment guidelines:

Parents are invoiced at the end of the month according to the hours their children have been at ASC. This is marked off on a register each day and the time the child leaves is recorded also.  The Accounts Administrator at Kadimah School  will invoice parents.  Invoices are sealed and handed out to the children to take home.   It is imperative that these invoices are paid within 20 working days.  Soon parents will be invoiced electronically.  If fees are not up to date, we will not be able to re-book the children into the programme in the following term.

Collection of children:

Parents must text or call Louise (021 582 226) or phone her school phone 373 3072 ext 301 to get their child/ren sent down to the front gate.  Please do not ring reception or use the buzzer at the gate as the Principal is unable to open the door after hours.  The school must be maintained as a secure environment to ensure the safety and security of your child/ren so please be conscious of who enters the Centre around you.

Other teacher involvement:

Marie Paul from Kadimah Preschool assists with the ASC on days when Louise has staff meetings.

Complaints Procedure:

If you have a concern or a complaint, please raise it promptly with Louise who will involve the Principal if necessary.  We want to resolve any issues with you quickly.  If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your issue by our Supervisor, please provide us with your concerns in writing to be addressed by the Principal.

If further information about ASC is needed, please contact Louise Canning by email or phone 021 582 226 or 373 3072 ext 301.