ERO Report 2016

The Education Review Office visited Kadimah in November 2016, looking specifically at equitable opportunities within student achievement.

The following are the main points stated in the report, but please take the time to read the full report here. 453-kadimah-school-external-evaluation-report

Our achievement standards against NZ national standards

Writing: 80% of students are  achieving at or above

A disparity between boys and girls achievement has been targeted in the past couple of years by the school with both achieving at the same level at present.

Reading: 85% of students are achieving at or above (no disparity)

Maths: 85% of students achieving at or above ( no disparity)

By Year 8, 85% of Kadimah students are achieving at or above National Standards.

ERO stated there is high and sustained achievement with no disparities and full equity at the school, furthermore, there is evidence of excellence.