Information for Parents

Professional Development

Teachers this year are involved in professional learning in maths, literacy, Inquiry, ICT and Futures Education planning. Kadimah School is growing, moving, and keenly interested in providing the best possible education available for children from 5-13 years, an education that is intrinsically Jewish. Our whole curriculum will be underpinned by Jewish values related to Social Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability.

Volunteering at Kadimah School

We would love to hear from any adults who can support our dedicated teachers. This could be administrative, or working with children who need extra assistance with reading, writing and so on. Please directly contact the Team Leader of the part of the school you can assist.

Before School Care

School starts at 8.25am each day.

If you need care for your child before school, this can be arranged at a cost of $5.00 per day, invoiced monthly, by arranging care directly with Louise Canning, in advance. Louise can also offer care earlier if needed, but as above, only after advance notification. Classrooms will be open for children to enter at 8am. There are no teachers on duty before 8am. Prior to this, teachers are engaged in preparation. Louise’s contact details are: 021582226 and

Security and Parking

Please DO NOT park vehicles illegally, where they can obscure vision for people securing the sight. Asking you to shift a vehicle is likely to be both for security and traffic reasons. Keeping the yellow lines clear, and the path near the neighbouring hotel is both. Your obeying the normal traffic rules supports our children’s safety form other vehicles and other objects. Thank you.