Our School in Action


There is over $200,000 worth of books in our Library. Our annual Book Week tops up our library with new content, as do the benefits of Scholastic book purchases by children at set periods throughout the year. Children enjoy a period a week in the Library and school Librarians assist with a variety of functions.



Kadimah joins together with Parnell School in the annual Trash for Fashion event. The science room is a focus of fundraising efforts to increase and update resources.


In addition to the class music lesson and itinerant music lessons, the school has a choir and a band that plays at school and community events.

Kadimah School PhotosLiterary

The school is renowned for its speech contestants who year-after-year fare extremely well in the annual Lions Speech contest.

School Houses

Kadimah has three houses; Nathan, Manning and Goldwater. These represent the founding fathers of the Auckland Jewish community and children are assigned to houses as they enrol at Kadimah. It is a tradition that families and relations are grouped in the same houses.


Kadimah has a dedicated SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator) teacher who assesses and monitors children involved in our specialist teaching programmes. Kadimah has a dedicated staff member who assists with Reading Recovery lessons and ESOL instruction.

ICT Strategy

The school has a BYOD programme that leverages our WiFi and cloud-based servers. In addition, in 2016 Kadimah purchased 50 new iPads and 12 new Chromebooks to boost its ICT strategy which is primarily to optimise learning outcomes and allow teachers to broaden their teaching resources to reach our reading, writing and maths targets.

Maori dimension

Kadimah recognises the importance of Te Reo to build better relationships and connections with Maori students. Programmes have a Maori dimension where possible, i.e: greetings, commands, and language related to everyday concepts.

The yearly cycle

The Kadimah year starts with social activities for parents by way of eKadimah 5vening class-by-class socials and then follows quickly with a summer picnic for all families to get to know each other. Before the first term is out, we celebrate the Jewish festival of Purim, which always involves a fancy dress parade. Following that, the school has a mock Seder for Passover (Pesach).


Then throughout the year we recognise minor and major Jewish festivals. Every alternate year we have a Senior School camp or a school production. We endeavour to hold an annual Grandparents day and we always have Book Week, mufti days, a school disco and of course finish the year with Prize Giving.